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Did you know that the foundation of your unconscious programming was set by the time you were 5 years old? As you grew up, that unconscious programming acted as a filter to your experience, establishing patterns of behavior that define who you are. Those same patterns could be running your life and you may not even realize it.


If you had a traumatic childhood or past – does that mean you can never be happy?

My guest this week on Heart Dancing Radio answers those questions with a resounding “NO”! Renate Donnovan is a transformational leader who helps individuals create systemic change in their lives. A wise woman with too many certifications to count, Renate uses hypnosis, NLP and other processes to explore and release hidden blocks.

Your past is gone and it should not be allowed to pollute your present moment. If you find yourself obsessing over an event that still has you upset (even if it has been years), it may be time to process those emotions, learn the lessons embedded in the experience and let go of the rest.

That is exactly what Renate helps her clients do – reframe the past so they can live fully in the present.

Please join us as we discuss how Renate works with her clients. She also leads us in a goal visualization tool that is fast, easy and effective. These techniques are simple to perform, but can cause deep changes.

Renate is about to start her Free 30 day Possibility Challenge! Join Renate and others (including me) in this challenge – please visit

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

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