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It snowed last night, a white blanket covering the ground’s flaws and blemishes.  Frigid cold made most animals curl up, but not the cat who visits our front porch every night to sleep.

When I found these tracks this morning, a random thought struck me.  We all make our own footprints in the snow cover that is life.  We are all given the same thing…a blank canvas on which to create.    The footprints we leave are just as telling about the way we live our life as the accomplishments, awards and accolades we manage to achieve.

So what do your footprints say about you?  Are they in a straight line, determin

ed to reach a goal?  Or do they wander and merge, creating a messy area where confusion was the guiding force?  Either way, there is no judgment involved – this is just what you did in that moment.

The decisions you made in the past are revealing, but they do not guide your decisions today.  If something did not work out, you just discovered one way NOT to do it!  Dwelling on what did not work is guaranteed to ensure that you stay stuck in the past, and waste the opportunities before you in the present moment.

So how do you heal the wounds from the past, learn and grow from that experience?

Accept yourself as you were then, and send love to that past self.  You are not the same person now as when you made those decisions or took that path, so why do you want to condemn yourself?  There is so much more for you to create in the snow!

Look closely at the word s-n-o-w.  Do you see the hidden message? The word that can open the door to wonder, joy and love?  It is right in front of you, just like it always is…


You create in the moment of N-O-W.  Your footprints crunch in the snow and make their impression of your boot N-O-W. The path you take, whether straight and true or confused and circular, all happens in N-O-W.  Think of your path as millions of N-O-W moments, strung together and connected because of you.

Once you realize you are creating your life, moment by moment,

the next logical thought is to ask yourself, “What do I want to create?”  That is the subject of future blog entries, but for now, accept the path of your life to this point, and know that you choose differently.

Your s-n-o-w canvas waits for your next step!

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