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Your Invitation to Dance with the Divine

By Kathryn Eriksen

Imagine that you were invited to a grand ball, the party of the year.  The invitation was designed and made especially for you, with your name and address written in flowing calligraphy on the envelope.  There was no return address, just a beautiful envelope that felt heavy because of the card inside.

When you opened the envelope and slowly pulled out the heavily engraved card, you began to feel different. Breathless excitement and joy sprang up from a long forgotten place in you and you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was something special.

Intrigued but wary, you continued to pull out the card and read the brief message embossed in gold:

You are invited to be my dance partner at the Grand Ball. 

Please come to 1234 Main Street and I will be waiting.

As the words settled in your mind, you felt a shot of energy that seemed to go straight through you.  Because this was such an unusual sensation, your protective instincts kicked in and you dropped the invitation on the counter, wary and slightly concerned.

For days, you ignored the invitation.  You hid it from view, did not mention it to anyone and tried to forget it.  The business of life kept your mind preoccupied, but that other part of you that jumped for joy when you read the message would not give you peace.  It became a small, nagging voice in your head that challenged you to step beyond your fear and take a chance.

One evening, you were so tired of that persistent voice that you decided to walk by the house where the party was located.  It was more of a reconnaissance mission, something to do that would hopefully give you some peace from the nagging doubt that you had missed something important.

As you walked slowly toward the beautiful mansion located at 1234 Main Street, you knew that you could never attend such a grand event.  Long ago, because of some painful event that you no longer remembered, you decided that you were not worthy.  The invitation with your name and address on it were just a mistake…a fluke…a cosmic joke of epic proportions.

But what harm was there in just looking?

Just as you turned the corner, faint sounds of a party – music and laughter mixed with the sounds of movement – could be heard. As you get closer, you see the stately mansion glowing with lights and energy. You feel like a moth drawn to the flame…you can’t help yourself – you had to peek in the window.  Inside, the party was in full swing – singles and couples dancing, laughing and joyfully celebrating.  It did not matter if everyone had a partner or how they were dressed.  The love and joy on each face was enough to light up the entire room.

As you stand at the window, on the outside looking in, an overwhelming sense of loss washes over you.  You could have been on the inside, having the time of your life!  But you let fear, doubt and hesitation get in the way and you never accepted the invitation.

Because of the choice you made, you missed out on all the fun.

As you turn slowly away from the window, sadness penetrating your very soul, it suddenly dawns on you that maybe you did not blow it after all.  You close your eyes and picture again the embossed invitation and its message.  You concentrate on the words, and then you realize that you were right.  You have another chance to join the party!

Your heart beats with excitement and you run back towards your home, rushing inside and pulling the invitation out of the drawer.  You read it again, take a deep breath and say firmly, “I accept!”  Your heart seems to burst open and your soul dances with the joy of the moment.  You are now part of the dance!

What was that important fact that you identified before you became completely lost in your own misery?  It was a crucial fact that you never thought about until after you saw what you were missing.  You were given the location of the party.  You knew where to go…but you were never told…

The date and time of the party!

God gave you free will.  He is also very patient with his children.  He understands that you sometimes have to make the wrong choice to realize what the right choice is.  God loves you so much that He keeps his invitation to dance with him open and ready to accept at all times, day or night.

He wants you at the party.  He has specifically invited you to be a part of the celebration of life.  He waits for you to accept his invitation, and he will never give up on you.

God created you in his likeness and he made sure that you would have dominion and power over your world by the gift of free will.  You exercise free will whenever you make a choice – whether it is what you will wear today or what goals you will focus on in the next hour.  Your choice makes it happen.  Your beliefs guide your choices.  Your thoughts are the basis of your beliefs.

So what is your choice?  Are you ready to dance with the Divine and create your life?


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Kathryn Eriksen is the perfect example of a person who has “awakened” to her own spiritual nature.  Raised in a traditional home, she chose the traditional path of college and a legal career.  After 23 years of practicing law, it slowly dawned on her that life did not have to be filled with competition, adversity and limitations.  A zealous advocate for her clients, Kathryn now uses those same highly developed communication skills, laser beam focus and high octane energy to be an advocate for a much higher client – God!

A published author, Kathryn is the author of Dance with the Divine, A GuiDance Story , available at   An inspirational novel, DWTD tells the story of Haven Hartt, a troubled teenager who must decide if she will chose fear or love when faced with a family crisis.  As you observe Haven’s choices, you will find yourself applying the lessons to your own life.  No matter what your age, “Dance with the Divine” is an uplifting step-by-step guide to forgiving the past and stepping forward into your heritage as a child of God. You will be transformed by the powerful lessons shared of living life as if it were a dance and the Divine was your dance partner.

Please join Kathryn by visiting her website at

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