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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I started thinking

about a unique way to say “I love you” to the special people in my life.  Dinner for two, a nice card and a hug are my usual gifts on Valentine’s Day.  These things do not require a lot of time or thought, but it always leaves me feeling slightly deflated, as if I did not do enough.

But what is the answer to the perennial question of “What is enough?”

The florists and department stores would respond by saying, “You must buy this or that to show your love.”  The jewelers are busy this time of year trying to convince you that diamonds really will make her eyes sparkle and that an expensive watch is the absolute guarantee of his approval.

But do the treasures of love really lie out there – in the world? Or are love’s assets hidden, only to be revealed by the people involved?

My answer is the latter. It is only when I share my heart with another that I feel connected. No expensive bauble, delicious dinner or sweet confection will forge that bond that must exist when love is present.  Mine the treasures of the heart and you will hit the real stuff of living.

So I decided to do something different this year.  I will write a love letter to my dear husband and daughter. One that is heartfelt, sincere and hopefully funny. A gentle reminder of the good that we share and the love that covers it all.  One that is filled with stories of our life together, examples of all the little ways I love them and the gratitude I feel for sharing the same space and the same life.

But just to be safe, a trip to the drug store and a reservation at our favorite restaurant wouldn’t be such a bad idea!



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