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Why do I fight what I know works?

I have a confession to make. It is difficult to put in words, because then the world will see my vulnerability. But so be it. 

Lean in. A little closer…

I have an ongoing battle with procrastination.

There, I said it. Did the world stop? Did my world stop? (cue crickets chirping as we wait…)

It’s one of those secrets I carry around because I am ashamed to admit that sometimes I don’t follow through. Sometimes I don’t reach the finish line (in my mind). Even when I know I have created a great product or written material that will help others.  Especially then.

Is it fear of rejection? Probably…no, that is it. I am afraid that if I “put it out there,” no one will pay attention. That is not really rejection (which takes an active decision by the rejector) but more in line with apathy, as in “Who cares?”

It is fear of the silent no-response that stops me from moving forward.

My internal diatribe usually goes like this. An endless stream of questions such as:  “What if no one buys it?”  “Who would want to pay money for that?” or the one that always gets me: “What do you know about _____?”

The only logical answers to these questions would be to look at my past history of success or failure. If “success” is defined by how much money I have made, then I always lose this argument.  And procrastination wins…again.

I have learned a simple technique that has helped me over the years. I just ask myself, “What is my definition of success?” Answering and knowing that definition becomes my response to the internal diatribe of negativity. For example, instead of “success” being defined in terms of monetary return, I define “success” as connecting to other

like-minded people.

And the cool thing is that I have connected to such people! I am successful (it feels so good to say that and actually mean it!)

My  journey has included many battles with the internal diatribe of procrastination. When I step back from the onslaught and see what is really happening, I can then step forward.  I can identify those thoughts for what they are — creations of my mind – and their nothingness is revealed. And I free to take action towards my dreams.

Today I learned that lesson again.

Instead of sleeping another hour, I dragged myself out of bed and sat down in front of my computer. I had procrastinated for several weeks about writing the marketing materials for my new virtual course based on Mike Dooley’s book, Infinite Possibilities. The  course was finished, I was paying the monthly fee to have it hosted on Kajabi, but I just could not seem to take the steps necessary to create the marketing materials.

Want to know how I got out of bed? As I lay there in that moment of indecision, I chose to use one of Mike’s techniques called “Flip that Thought.”  While I debated whether it was worth it to spend an hour on the project, I took the negative thoughts of “it won’t work,” “it’s not enough time,” and “why bother?” and changed them to something positive. I told myself instead that “it will work,” “time is valuable whether its small or large,” and “it matters to me.”  And my entire attitude shifted.

I was literally propelled out of bed!

Thoughts really do become things (as Mike is so fond of saying). And today I learned that lesson again for the umpteenth time. So now I know what to do when the familiar malaise of procrastination starts to drift over my thoughts. Remember to flip them into what I want.

It really is that simple.

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