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I was sitting in church today and something the Pastor said hit me

between the eyes. He said that his English teacher in high school always asked him to answer the question, “Where do you fit into the story?” She was using that entry point as a tool to determine how involved he was in the characters, plot, theme, etc.

I see it as a valuable tool for self-inquiry and discovery. Let me explain.

When something happens to you, you have a choice to view it as good or bad, better or worse, positive or negative. It might depend on your mood, your sense of your own self-worth or even if you have an upset stomach; but you always have a choice to make about how you view that event.

Are you with me so far?

Now, depending on your choice, your perspective shifts to align with it. Your perspective allows you to see only those bits of information that support your choice. You essentially reinforce your original choice about the event.

So where are you in your story? You are always part of it…until you realize that you could have chosen differently. And that is when you move from being a participant to becoming the author and owner of the story.

As the author or owner, you get to decide how you react and what you will gain from the event. You have the power to make a different choice. You are no longer a victim of circumstances – you are the Captain of your destiny (or at least you feel that way).

Become aware of how you fit into the story of your life. Learn and grow into an empowered person who has can handle life’s obstacles with grace and fluidity.

Own your story and live your life!

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