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In my former life as a lawyer, I was used to asking the questions, not providing the answers. I have continued in that role as the Host of Heart Dancing Radio. I ask the questions and lead the discussion; my guests follow. 

Until today. The tables were turned and I was on the other side of the microphone (in a manner of speaking).

Sheryl Sitts, the founder of Journey of Possibilities, is a master at radio. In her earlier life, she was actually a popular radio show host and commentator. When she asked me to appear on her podcast, I was a bit intimidated by her credentials (MPA, BA, Certified Holistic Coach & Practitioner, weekly podcasts, quarterly digital magazines, entrepreneurial consulting and live gatherings). Sheryl is the real deal – she moved from a mind centered life to a life full of love, acceptance and healing.

This interview is an example of me stepping out of my comfort zone and into the fire. Sheryl and I talk about life, love, forgiveness and dogs. There were some surprising twists and turns in the conversation (questions I did not expect or anticipate) but overall, I had a great time and hope you will too.  Please let me know what you think about it by commenting below!

Thank you for listening.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance 🙂


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