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Dogs are unconditional  love. Anyone who has ever experienced a strong relationship with a dog knows this to be true. They are unconditional love.

On January 27, 2017, the beloved novel by W. Bruce Cameron will hit the big screens. But a controversy has marred the event and an online petition calls for the filmmakers to donate proceeds to animal welfare organizations. 

What does all of that mean for dog lovers who can’t wait to see the movie?

Dennis Quaid, the two-legged star of the movie, said that he “never saw any abuse of any animal. If there had been, I would have walked.”

Watch Quaid’s interview with ET.  Watch Ellen Degeneres interview Quaid and then see her make a passionate plea for people to support the movie.

Please don’t believe everything you see in your Facebook feed. Decide for yourself if the controversy is enough for you to not watch a great family movie that tells the truth about dogs.

Dogs already know the truth about life. People could use a few lessons to remind them what they have forgotten.

Drop the Leash is my latest book on what dogs can teach us about life. Dogs live in the present moment. People live in the past or future, not in the present. When fear is the motivator for behavior, that is a neon sign that you are not living in the present moment. Learn how to move from fear into love from an amazing teacher — a dog!




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