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I came across this wonderful article by Lori Hamann that I had to share with you:

How To Grow A Manifestation

Conscious creation doesn’t always seem easy, does it?  In fact, the very act of “staying conscious” can require some work according to our ego’s standards!

Well, this past weekend I was thinking about what nugget I wanted to offer you today,  that would put you in the zone of manifesting your good.

I had ONE word come to mind – (no kidding just one) and that was SEEDING.

I’ve referred to this analogy a thousand times on coaching sessions over the years, but this is the first time I’m writing about it.

So… let’s do this.

Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine you are lightly holding a handful of seeds in the fist of your hand.

Each and every one of those seeds represents an unmanifested desire that you’ve got right now.

You continue to gently hold them, feel the texture on your hand, the lightness, the perfection.  Immerse your senses in this moment.

You stand in awe of the unlimited potential that exists in each one of these seeds…in awe of the miraculous, in awe of Source energy that you hold, in awe that your desires ARE Source…and so are you. 

Be with that for a moment….

Now… imagine that you, yourself, invoke a gentle wind… and holding your hand up in the air, those seeds begin to be carried on the breeze.

Imagine those seeds, which are your desires and intentions…landing exactly where they are supposed to!

Imagine they grow in perfect divine time…

Your job is tend to your own alignment, so those seeds grow into the orchards of divine potential held within.

You are “seeding” each time you intend something and release it… you are seeding each time you allow yourself to dream UP your life and step into the energy of limitlessness.


You wouldn’t considering seeding the soil without tending to those seeds, would you?

Making sure all the conditions are right, (vibrational alignment) for that seed to sprout!

From this perspective… check YOUR conditions:  

Are you consciously setting clear intentions?

Are you releasing your judgment of how or when things come to you?

Are you taking inspired action?

Are you giving even when you are not sure you’ll get back?

Are you using the resources that are right before you?

Are you following your intuitive guidance?

Are you allowing energy to pass through your life, and then passing it on?

Are you honoring your own cycles of growth?

Are you engaged in deep self reverence?

Are you creating the spiritual and metaphysical space to allow that growth?

Are you willing to release anything that is not a match to your divine intent?

Are the thoughts you are thinking a match to the droughts… or to the orchards you’d like to experience in your life?

Ok… at the risk of going over board with seed and growth analogies 🙂  I give this to you as a way to keep yourself in check, and honor the divine potential within, along with the power you hold as the creator of your life!

Have fun… there is literally laaaaaayers of learning in these questions alone, I promise you.

So there you have it… how to grow a manifestation.


Lori Hamann is a mentor and life coach to spiritual entrepreneurs and professionals, who she helps to awaken and create the best within themselves and their businesses.   She is the creator of The Butterfly Experiment, and her Evolve Your Life Newsletter goes out to over 7,000 like minded subscribers.   You can sign up for a f.r.e.e subscription at

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