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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  Anatole France

For all of the animal lovers out there (whether it is a dog, cat, ferret, goat or llama), have you ever wondered why you

love your pet so much?  They can’t speak in words, they don’t help with chores around the house, and they certainly don’t add to the bottom line.

Unless your “bottom line” is based on love, not numbers set off with $illy $ymbol$.

The answer to why I love my dogs and cat so much is very simple.  But it’s simplicity also reveals a truth about all of us that defines our world.  When we know this truth, it really does set us free.

Unconditional love.

When you fall in love with an animal, you will see to its care with a happy heart.  You will overlook the messes or the hassle of the litter box and see only love in their eyes.  How can a heart so small be filled with so much love?

Let me share a poem that I wrote several years ago on this very topic.  After reading it, please hug your pet and kiss it for me!

Cascading Love

By Kathryn Eriksen

Patiently waiting to be with me.

Hours spent chasing rabbits in the mind.

Ecstatic reunion.

A switch flips on

And pure love pours out.

My day falls away

As my arms fill with furry joy.

Laughter spills over

As my face is blanketed with

Wet kisses…

Each one

a cascading love letter.


Patiently listening while I review my day.

The struggles

The anger

And frustration grow dim and fade away

As I gaze into his face of

Pure love.


Patient love

Constant and infinite.

Who knew that God would choose

This heart, small enough to fit into my hand,

But big enough that it fills

My world with His love?

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