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Recently, a dear friend had an amazing thing happen.  All of her

worries about money, supply and physical sustenance have disappeared because of a change in her finances.   At first she did not allow herself to believe it was true…now all of the magical possibilities have opened up to her.  It has been an amazing transformation to watch and support.

Of course, being human, I found myself instantly comparing her circumstances to mine.  Fortunately, as soon as the thought crossed my mind, I was able to turn it around and focus on her.  But that innate inclination to relate everything to myself (do you ever do that?) prompted me to write the following poem:

Two friends, Sisters in Spirit

Walk a path

That splits in two.

Each faces a different way

And creates a Masterpiece

Sharing, caring, daring.

Both unique

And incomparable

To anyone but their

Former self.

Two Spirits

Exploring, expressing, exchanging

Ways to grow

More like themselves

But bigger and better than before.

Spiraling evolution

On their own path

To God.

Two Souls

Split from the same Source

Dance, laugh and play

Then melt



The One.


Smiling, loving, free.

The minute you compare yourself to another person, you have allowed your ego to be in control.  We all have our own journey to make, lessons to learn and growth in areas that are different from each other.

Love your life — and live it as Your Life!



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