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If you are experiencing angst or anxiety because of the Presidential election, this episode will give you a simple 3 step process to find peace. Instead of going to your “ugly corner,” you can use the 3 steps to see the situation in a new way. The focus changes from “Why is this happening?” to “What can I do to move toward what I want?” Instead of victim thinking, you see yourself and the circumstances from an expanded viewpoint that empowers you to move forward positively and proactively.

JoAnne Marceau is a Results Coach and she has helped many people during the primary and the election season, to move through their pain to find peace. There is a threshold moment when your life can change. When you become aware of the uncertainty, pause at the threshold and ask a powerful question, positive action toward your next best option is waiting. 

It’s all about turning chaos into growth opportunities. That is music to my ears, because that is exactly what Heart Dancers do — instead of listening to all the negative noise, we make a different choice and Let.Love.Lead. It makes all the difference in how you feel, how you see yourself in the world and your responses to external circumstances.

You can learn more about JoAnne at or on Facebook at @jmarceaucoaching.

Please join us in the timely conversation.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3!

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