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We just planted a garden.   A simple but profound task that has changed my perception of the living things around me.  Please indulge me as I share my musings with you…

Planning the garden was fun.  We checked out different areas of the yard, walked off the corners, and built the frame for the raised bed. The dirt was supplied by a local nursery, and planting day was full of rowing, raking and bending.  The seeds were loving placed in neat rows, labeled carefully and watered.

It only too

k one week before we saw some very tiny sprouts poking through the blanket of dirt.  Three weeks later, those small sprouts have grown into hardy plants, maturing before our eyes.

It made me wonder about the energy displayed by those small seeds.  As the seeds lay in their dark nest of dirt, they waited for the correct amount of sun and rain to trigger the mysterious process of growth.  Dormant and patient, the potential energy waited patiently.  Imagine the energy it takes to push through the seed casing, upwards through the heavy dirt until the sprout breaks free and turns towards the sun!  What compelled those small seeds to burst through their shell to expand and grow into something more?

The best answer I came up with was simple – it is just what they do.  It is

who they are.  Seeds are meant to become the plants they are.  Pea seeds grow into a pea plant; squash seeds produce squash; lettuce begets lettuce – you get the idea.

What if we are the designed the same way? What if our thoughts are the seeds of creation that become manifested in our life?

I have tried this idea out and found it to be true.  When my thoughts are angry or focused on some imagined hurt, I find myself looking for ways to justify my pain.  When my thoughts are open and positive, I attract more of the same.  The energy of my thoughts become manifest in my world, just like the seeds in my garden.

The secret is that I chose what to plant in my mind, just like you do.  I am the gardener of my thoughts, and I harvest what I sow.  My life is created from the fertile soil of my focus and attention, fueled by desire for a particular result.  But it all starts with my first thought…and goes through a similar process as the seeds in the garden.  I imagine, then plan, then plant, then nurture, then enjoy the harvest.

Does this sound too simple to be true?  I challenge you to try it yourself and keep track of the results.  I would love to hear from you.

Tend to your seeds of creation and watch your life explode in ways you never dreamed were possible!

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