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Have you ever thought about the space between here — and there?  The beat of time between the tick and tock of the clock (assuming you still have a mechanical clock).  The silence between spoken words?

For example, you are sitting in front of your computer, reading the electronic pulses that form on the screen.  Your eyes (and brain) interpret those impulses as letters that form words, sentences and meaning.  As you sit in front of your computer, your eyes are physically about two feet away from the screen (unless you are extremely near-sighted but that doesn’t change my analogy).  What occupies that space between your physical body and the computer screen?

That is the space between “here” and “there.”

It is empty space, just because a physical object does not occupy it? Or is it full of something else that we can’t decipher with our five senses?

Those questions are the subject of a new book called Dance With the Divine.  A fictional story about a teenager who was lost in her small world of misery, anger and loneliness, until she discovered that her world was actually much bigger and more wondrous than she ever imagined.  Once Haven discovered that other world, her life tilted on its axis and she stepped into the space between her past and her future.

You will not find Dance With the Divine in the bookstores.  It only exists in the digital world – from Amazon as a Kindle book.  Don’t worry – if you don’t own a Kindle, you can still read the story on your pc by downloading the program “Kindle for PC.”  ! Do a search on Amazon for Dance With the Divine then enjoy a new way of looking at your life!

You have only to step into the space between here — and there, to find what you have longed for since birth.  To know Who You Really Are and to live as that person.  Only then will your own dance with the Divine begin!

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