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“The mind is Satan’s lawyer; the heart is God’s servant.” –Unknown

What is bigger – a computer or the person who designed it? Who is smarter – the software or the people who created it? How do you change what is produced by a computer? You change the software that runs it or the information you give it.

Computers and the software that run them are just tools used to create something new, combine different, complex data into a bigger, different outcome. The parts of a computer and the way it works can be manipulated and redirected. Based on the information you give a computer, a different result will occur after the calculations are made and the data is processed.

Your mind and its thoughts work the same way. Your mind is just like the processor in a computer – it receives data, it calculates and makes judgments based on it’s programming, and from that, it produces a result that seems logical and reasonable. But who programmed your mind? Who wrote the “software” to interpret the millions of bits of data your senses perceive every minute?

You did.

The source code of your thoughts is you. You chose to think one way about an event and to react with a particular emotion, based on decisions you made previously about yourself and how you fit into your world.

If you believe that you have nothing worthy to contribute to a conversation, you won’t. If you think you are outgoing and friendly to strangers, you will be. The simple truth is that your thoughts about yourself create your world. And you are the one who created your thoughts.

And if you created your thoughts, that must mean that you are BIGGER than your thoughts, just like a programmer is bigger than the software, or the designer is bigger than the computer. And if you are bigger than your thoughts that means you can change them at will!

When you fully accept and appreciate this insight, it will change your world. Because it places you firmly in the control seat with the ability to change the thoughts that are not working for you. Once you become aware of your thoughts and start seeing the direct connection to what is manifested in your life, you will start to grasp the awesome power of creativity you have to change your world.

You are bigger than your thoughts. Don’t accept what is – if you want something different, then you have to think differently. Change your thoughts and change your world!

Emotions are the Fuel of Life

In my last blog, I introduced the concept of thought creation and emphasized that you are the creator of your thoughts. You are the programmer who decides what you think about certain things, people or places. Your thoughts are totally under your domain and if you want to change your world, you first must change your thoughts.

Today, I want to show you how emotions or feelings fit into this picture. Try this simple experiment. Take out a sheet of paper and draw a line done the middle.

1. Think about something that makes you feel uncomfortable, anxious or nervous. Close your eyes and picture that situation or person in your mind. Does public speaking make your heart race? Did a traffic incident make your blood boil? Chose one thing and think about it, noticing the emotions you feel as you go over that incident in your mind.

After a moment, open your eyes and write down your feelings in the left hand column. Use as few of words as possible and just capture the emotions you just experienced. Do not judge or criticize. The purpose of this exercise is just to observe and record.

2. Now think about something you love with a passion. Is it going to a certain place that carries happy memories? Or spending time with a person you enjoy? Or maybe it is a quiet walk through the woods or on the beach that you love. Close your eyes and place yourself there.

Observe how you feel when you imagine your favorite place or thing to do. Are you excited, happy or energized? Is there a smile on your face (there should be). Take a minute and describe your emotional state as your were thinking about your favorite thing. Just write down a brief description of what made you smile, and the emotions you felt when you thought about it. Make your notations in the right hand column.

3. Take a look at what you have written during the previous steps. In the space of five minutes (or less), you went from feeling anxious, nervous or upset to feeling happy, joyful or excited. All you did was change what you thought about and your emotions followed!

This simple experiment demonstrates three things:

Your thoughts trigger your emotions;
You are in control of your thoughts;
Therefore, you control your emotions by what you chose to think.

Begin observing your thoughts and if you start noticing a negative or self-limiting pattern, make a conscious decision to change them to be positive and affirming.

Emotions are the fuel of your life. But it is your thoughts that determine whether you are using premium, high-grade energy, or non-refined, polluted sludge that will not propel you towards your dreams and goals.

Your mind software can be reprogrammed to always choose the highest, most loving thought in any given situation. Imagine your life without fear, anxiety or doubt. What would you accomplish? Where would you go and who would you spend your precious time with? You are the only person who can give permission to live your life.

Aren’t you ready for a change from 010101011110101 to xoxoxoxoxoxoxo?

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