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Is it possible to only listen to good news? I was skeptical until I had a great conversation with Tanya MacIntyre, a former broadcast journalist who stepped off that path after 22 years because the negativity was overwhelming her. She made the bold decision to start a different kind of news site — and founded The Good News Only.

Tanya MacIntyre
What is The Good News Only? It is one place where you can find inspirational stories, great interviews and lots of resources that will motivate and captivate you.

Tanya certainly did both during our conversation. She is a master storyteller who captures the human essence of the situation while sharing a positive, uplifting message. Her story about the Swiss Air crash in 1998 highlights how the news is deliberately portrayed to encourage fear, doubt and anxiety. It was one of the turning points in her journey.

You will never look at mainstream news the same way again after listening to this interview!

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

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