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What would your life look like if you knew how to dance? Who would you be? How would you express joy and gratitude?  That may sound implausible in the world of recessions, lay offs and The Hunger Games, but that does not mean it is not possible.

Life is a dance, whether you want to admit it or not.  You dance with your ambitions, your family or loved ones; you dance with your demons and your angels; you dance with your worries and fears.  You mind is engaged in an endless dance of “what if” or “why didn’t I just…”

Why not dance with your dreams instead?

“Wait a minute,” you cry in distress.  “How can I dance with my dreams when I am so caught up with my life?”

And that is exactly the problem – what you consider to be “your life.”  Does your definition of life include defined dreams, imagined success and joy mixed together?  If not, then your “life” is somewhat limited and narrowly defined.

Do you look at your life as if you were faced with continual problems and dilemmas? Or do you see your way to more opportunity and adventure? Whatever lens you place on your awareness will filter out everything except for the setting of the lens.  Want more negative things in your life? Then look for the negative.  Want more positive events to occur? Then expect and look for them.  Your focus and vision determines what the lens allows into your awareness.

Sometimes you have to take two steps back to move three steps forward (cha-cha, anyone?)  A dance is a fluid movement between many points, in a disciplined way that expresses beauty.  If you encounter an obstacle or don’t move in quite the right way, the dance moves on and soon the mistake is long forgotten.  You join the endless cycle of creation by aligning your thoughts in this way.

In every moment, ask yourself if you want to join the dance of pain or the dance of love.  It is always up to you…and the possibilities are endless for either pain or growth.  When you inquire before you decide, your life will begin to take on a deliberate nature that will soon manifest before your eyes.  The cycle of creation always starts with the “lens” that you choose to look through.

Care to dance?


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Kathryn Eriksen is the perfect example of a person who has “awakened” to her own spiritual nature.  Raised in a traditional home, she chose the traditional path of college and a legal career.  After 23 years of practicing law, it slowly dawned on her that life did not have to be filled with competition, adversity and limitations.  A zealous advocate for her clients, Kathryn now uses those same highly developed communication skills, laser beam focus and high octane energy to be an advocate for a much higher client – God!

A published author, Kathryn is the author of Dance with the Divine, A GuiDance Story , available at   An inspirational novel, DWTD tells the story of Haven Hartt, a troubled teenager who must decide if she will chose fear or love when faced with a family crisis.  As you observe Haven’s choices, you will find yourself applying the lessons to your own life.  No matter what your age, “Dance with the Divine” is an uplifting step-by-step guide to forgiving the past and stepping forward into your heritage as a child of God. You will be transformed by the powerful lessons shared of living life as if it were a dance and the Divine was your dance partner.

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