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Photography has always fascinated me. To capture a moment in time that you recognize as worthy is a miracle in itself, whole and complete.  But to share your vision with the world is truly a gift.

“My eye saw THIS,” I feel like shouting whenever I share one of my photographs.  And then I wait to see a spark of recognition in the other person, a sense of knowing that can bridge the gap of separateness and join together, if only for a brief click of time.

The wonder and majesty of life can be captured in every millisecond, instantly digitized and shared with the world.  Technology can bring us together in so many ways, but it is still our humanness and willingness to share our experiences that solidifies relationships.                         

The majesty of life is all around us, from the beauty of a droplet of water on a leaf to the stunning colors of a sunset after a thunderstorm.  As a dear friend of mine used to remind me, “God is in the details.”  Pay attention to the life pulsating around you and take a moment to appreciate what you observe.

You don’t need a camera or even a smartphone; just a willingness to open your awareness to what is swirling around you.  Life in all of its glorious detail is well worth noting, appreciating and accepting.

What have you seen today in your click of time?

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