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Have you ever stopped to consider the perfection of a snowflake?  Or the artfulness of a sunrise or sunset? What about why a burr sticks to fur?

At first glance these experiences do not seem to share anything.  What does design perfection and magnificent color have to share with a common burr that only irritates?

Nothing from our point of view.  Everything from God‘s.

This point was brought home to me yesterday, when I came across a wonderful blog by Maggie LR (  She took a macro lens and photographed a burr.  The image is so clear that you can see what makes a burr stick — it actually has hooks on the end of each slender leaf!  Take a minute and click over to her blog, but don’t forget to come back here!

Are you back?  Wasn’t that amazing?  There are so many different ways I could write this article, just based on those images.  For now, I will just point out that God’s hand is in the profound and the mundane.  Ask for awareness to see the details and your appreciation of the whole will explode.

If something irritates you (like a burr) take a moment to consider how God’s hand is at work.  The rain that you complain about may be just the moisture a farmer needs to grow his crops.  The slow clerk in the checkout line may be just the pause you need in a busy day to step back into awareness of Self.  When you step back from the situation and look within, you will be amazed at the change in your thoughts and emotions.

Irritation can become a sign post – to stop and step out of the situation for a moment.

When you realize that part of the burr’s function is to hook onto whatever moves past it, so it can be spread to another area, the irritation you might feel when you find one clinging to your clothes can turn into appreciation for God’s handiwork.  Your perspective can change in an instant, but only you can make it shift to a happier and more joyous space.  Change irritation to joy and your life will never be the same.

Always remember, you are safe in God’s hand (just don’t step on the burrs).

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