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Today is Thanksgiving – a truly American holiday. A day to share with family and friends, while giving thanks for all that we have.

Tomorrow, the mad rush toward the holidays begins. Our attention will focus on what to get Aunt Jimmie Sue or Uncle Ernie, not so much on thankfulness…so how do we carry the thankfulness felt today into the future?

You learn the steps of the Heart Dance. What is the Heart Dance? Learning to live authentically, love deeply and see with the clear eyes of soul (source of unlimited love).

Go inside yourself and discover your source of unlimited love. Once you are aware of that connection, your doubts of value, worth and purpose disappear in the light of infinite love. You hear the music that welcomes you to this moment in time and space.

That is the start of the Heart Dance. Thankfulness is one part of the choreography.

Thank you for dancing with me, on this day and all days we share together.

Remember the HD Mantra: Let.Love.Lead.

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