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When you first meet someone, you absorb information about them on three different levels. Gathering of data on these levels is instinctive, instructive and intuitive. It’s the way humans are wired – even babies do this! It’s how we discern if the person we are meeting is a friend or enemy, supportive or a possible threat. 

It goes beyond the words or actions that the individual is using. It’s much deeper than that.

See if you don’t recognize the three levels:

  • Physical – what do they look like? Are they like you or different? Same skin color or hair color?
  • Emotional – what emotions do you sense from them? Are they welcoming or play acting?
  • Energetic – what do you sense (or see) about their energy field? Is it stable or scattered?

Why is it important to notice the data you gather about another person? Because they are doing the exact same thing to you, but they probably don’t realize it. Now that you are aware of these levels, what can you do to create changes in your own emotional and energetic fields?

Learn to shine your presence in any situation. I define “presence” as “your authentic self, surrounded by unconditional love and knowledge that you are love.” When you are in this space, you know it to the core of your being. When you stay in this space as you interact with others, they sense it immediately.

Your presence is unchangeable, unmalleable and unapologetic. It is what you brought into this world, and it has always been part of you. You have just forgotten that it’s there, ever patient and understanding of your small, limited thinking.

You have forgotten who you really are. Instead, you focused on what the world defines as “success.” The amount of money in your bank account, the type of car you drive or your home address are all talisman of the world. Trophies, awards, and accolades create a necklace of jewels that you may pull out from time to time, to remind yourself that these things were supposed to make you happy. But they didn’t. Not lasting happiness.

The only way to lasting happiness is to reconnect with your presence. Journey inside to discover the beauty that you have forgotten. You are a magnificent creation, designed to shine your presence in this world.

You leave behind all of the playacting that you have mastered. Your perspective shifts to being authentic, real and loving in every moment. Each moment is a gift to enjoy, explore and to practice being love.

As you discover your inner world and begin to shift your vision to include your presence, your life reflects these changes. Your interaction with others is more thoughtful and habitual patterns of thought to dissolve. Stress decreases and eventually disappears as you realize that you are just where you need to be in this moment. Health issues may even recede as your energy realigns with your truth.

At some point, maybe sooner or later, you will hear the music of your heart. That song meant just for you. To listen, absorb and use as your creative muse.

If this message is calling to you, please join the Heart Dancing tribe. We shine our presence on the world and dance with the heart music. It’s life filled with our presence!

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