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The Power of Practice

Julianna Ricci Best Selling Author

We are at the edge of a brand new year, with all that implies – resolutions, renewal and rejuvenation. My special guest is Julianna Ricci, an energy coach, healer and now bestselling author.

Her book, “The Power of Practice: Spiritual Laws for an Extraordinary You” is the perfect place to begin your New Year. Teaching how to navigate spiritual laws in a fun and practical way is Julianna’s gift to the world. Many of the practices are taken directly from her private coaching practice, where she has helped musicians, writers, CEOs and social impact entrepreneurs. You can actually feel her energy as you read the book!

During this episode of Heart Dancing Radio, we talk about a wide range of subjects, including how to show up authentically, why we are so drawn to our work and how to help others. Julianna has a gift of explaining spiritual concepts in a way that is easily digestible, understandable and practical. The end result is that you begin to see your own spiritual gifts more clearly. It’s the Power of Practice set in motion in your life!

Link to 30 Minute Session

Click here to schedule a free 30 minute session!

As a special offer to the Heart Dancing Tribe, Julianna or her business partner, Sara, will provide a free 30 minute session. Just click on the link to sign up and set an appointment!

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance >3.




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