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Ever heard the saying that “Life is your classroom?” Since that is true, that means relationships are your teacher. How you relate to others and more importantly, yourself, determines the quality and depth of your experiences. Learning to show up authentically in your relationships is what my guest teaches during this episode of Heart Dancing Radio.

Anella Wetter know

Heart Dancing Anella Wetter
s what is feels like to walk away from a 22 year marriage, live as a single mom and then decide that she was ready to attract the man of her dreams. Her process is called “Your Love List” and it has already worked for many people. 

Please join Anella on Facebook at AnellaWetterCoaching. She shares tons of great content, advice and tips on how to shift your energy and stay real in your relationships. Right now, she is sharing one post a day from her original list of 100 Things I want in a Man. It’s worth a look —

It’s another step in the Heart Dance. <3

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