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When I first met Nicole Dicristofaro, I was immediately struck by her beauty. Long, flowing hair, clear skin…but it was the light behind her eyes that caught my attention.

“Here is someone who knows and loves herself.” As this thought floated across my mind, I knew I had to have her on Heart Dancing Radio.

And so it is.

Nicole is an Empowerment Coach and Best Year Yet Facilitator. But she is so much more, as you will discover when you listen to her calm, clear message of love and acceptance. She has been through trial by fire and not only survived, but thrived. Now, she wants to help you make a similar journey of empowerment.

Please reach out to Nicole at to see how she may help you. Or as she describes her work, “I shine a light on what you can’t see for yourself.”

BTW – she is hosting a wonderful retreat in Bali next Spring, but registration closes at the end of September. So don’t hesitate if you are interested 🙂

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

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