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Drop the Leash – PDF or eBook



Drop the Leash eBook


Do dogs really forgive?

What can your best friend teach you?

Have you noticed that your dog is always happy to see you? Even when you ignore him or you are too busy to play…he always returns to you with love.

Drop the Leash was written by a human, telling the story through a dog, who has a lot of things to say to humans. Are you willing to listen?

Inside the ebook, we explore:

  • Different? Dogs and humans are made from the same energy?
  • Forgiveness: is it real or fake?
  • The first step is forgiveness.
  • Dancing begins at the point of forgiveness.

Readers love this book!

“I loved reading “Drop the Leash”. What a great perspective Kathryn has to be able to view the world, to view life, through the eyes, and heart, of a dog! This story is clever, poignant, and full of life lessons.” -Debra

“Fun Book! Especially for a dog person. Some great human lessons in there too.” – Amazon customer

“What a treat this book is! And I feel like half of the work is in remembering…remembering to let go…remembering to love…remembering to be present.” – J.Ricci

See Why I Wrote the Book:

We can learn a lot about love from our dogs.

It’s all another step in the Heart Dance. Won’t you join me?

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  1. Nicole D. Mignone

    “Humans of any age, and even cat lovers, too, will appreciate the simple, profound wisdom of forgiveness and unconditional love told through the eyes and heart of Avatar. Avatar shares his “dog-ma” wisdom to help humans understand and re-learn how to love unconditionally, by letting go of the stories and hurt that no longer serves them. Forgiveness, in its truest form, can liberate humans from their self-imposed shackles. If we follow the loving examples of dogs, we can play and experience joy as we were meant to. This story truly touches the heart and a must read for anyone on a spiritual journey.”

    • Kathryn Eriksen

      Thank you Nicole, for your warm words. My heart is dancing!

  2. Dr. Gary Keil

    Very rarely does a book stir the soul and give numerous means to prompt the body into action.  “Drop the Leash” is one.

    In order to affect change in our lives we need both willpower and what is called waypower.  Both are necessary for change to happen, yet both are insufficient alone. 

    The former, willpower, is difficult enough to ‘get right’ because many of us begin doing something, even if it will benefit us in the end, because of extrinsic motivators.  In other words, we’re doing it for someone else or because of someone else.  We know the chances of true change from happening, and sticking, because of extrinsic motivators is low at best.

    Having our changes happen because of intrinsic motivators is a HUGE step in the right direction as we know that these will help maximize our likelihood the change will happen.  Intrinsic motivators, however, are not panacea.  For sure because sometimes the more motivated we are, the less likely we will pay attention to what might help us.

    This is why the latter, waypower, is so important.  Waypower is the skill set and acumen that takes the willpower into action.  In essence, we need to know HOW to take ourselves from where we are, through the change process, and into an unknown territory.  Proper willpower with ill-fitting or improper waypower gets us nowhere or takes us in the opposite direction.  While it is important to learn what helps and hinders, this is not to imply that it is the head (i.e., intelligence) that should rule what we do.  Indeed, sometimes it is the ‘knowledgeable heart’ that is our best guide.

    “Drop the Leash” touches on each of these issues.  Each chapter and embedded exercise helps develop or bolster willpower as well as waypower.  They inform and energize on all levels of learning: the tail, the gut, the heart and, yes, the head. 
    They help us see alternative ways of looking at the world as well as our place in it.

    This book will quickly become a standard ‘training manual’ in many circles and I am honored to have read it.  I have already begun flipping my view of the world through the many new “Dogmas” presented, the “Doglow’s Hierarchy of Connection” and many other creative parts of the book.  Kathryn, you are a kind, compassionate and caring ‘master’ of life!

    • Kathryn Eriksen

      Gary – thank you for your heartfelt words. Avatar would be proud that you heard him (and took his message to heart!)

  3. Leisa Peterson

    I am in love with this book.

    Kathryn’s ability to share things that I regularly teach in a conversational and fun manner through her storytelling is quite magnificent. She helps us connect into our understanding of dogs to better understand ourselves which is refreshing and enlightening. I am certain readers are going to enjoy this book as much as I have and I hope it reaches as many people as possible. Dogs really do have life figured out and thanks to Kathryn’s meaningful translation, none of us have to miss out on their powerful messages.

    Buy this book and prepared to not be able to put it down because of how much fun you have reading it!

    Warmly, Leisa Peterson
    Life Coach for Entrepreneurs,

    • Kathryn Eriksen

      Leisa –
      Thank you for your warm words. My intent is to wake people up to their own potential for happiness. My desire is to use every day occurrences that are really miracles in our lives, to remind us to look for love. A dog is such a perfect example of unconditional love that it was natural to center the book around a dog’s view of human interactions (they think we are not-so-smart).

      Thank you again for spreading the word about Drop the Leash. The world will change with each person who forgives themselves and re-discovers what dogs never forget – we are love. <3

  4. Debbie Pearson

    I loved reading “Drop the Leash”. What a great perspective Kathryn has to be able to view the world, to view life, through the eyes, and heart, of a dog! This story is clever, poignant, and full of life lessens. It is written through the compassionate understanding of human struggles in a heartwarming manner which allows us (humans) to uncover the truth about the unconditional love that already resides within each of us …. and helps us to remember where we’ve hidden it. (Re)finding this love helps us to remember our worthiness and how to connect with ourselves to remember how powerful we are. She shows us how to choose love over fear, empowerment over limitation, and joy over pain. Kudos to Kathryn for writing an educational, informative, eye opening, and thought provoking book in a wonderfully entertaining, clever, and playful manner!

    • Kathryn Eriksen

      Debbie – thank you for your insightful comments! It always thrills me to hear from readers that DTL helped them see more clearly. Avatar is wagging his tail right now and grinning at you <3

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