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Sometimes I come across something so profound, so elegantly simple, that I have to share it with my fellow bloggers.

Hannah Brencher’s latest blog post falls into that category. Please take a minute to read:

Then pass it on to as many people as you can. Her message should be heard around the world.

I am slightly chagrined that I did not have the courage to say what she conveyed in her post. And I ask people to ask people to “Dance with the Divine”! So here is my attempt to expound on Hannah’s message of love.

Isn’t it time to move past the old hurts, the imagined grievances and the stories that we have created about events that shaped us? Why not step into that space of knowing, simply knowing that you are a Child of God? No questions, no intellectual arguments or religious references.

Just accept that you are here, at this time and place, to BE a Child of God.

Please don’t complicate this…instead, step into your greatness and allow God to lead you in the dance of life. The music is playing, the dance floor is ready. All you have to do is accept and allow.


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