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My daughter just went to her first High School Homecoming Dance/party and “After-Party.” 

Her entire class of 14-15 year-olds attended, so the social pressure of being “cool” or “funny” or “just-don’t-do-anything-stupid” was extremely high.

For some reason, the image of pushing her out onto the ocean of relationships flew into my mind. Please indulge the following analogies and metaphors while I sort through the possibilities that may lie in her future.

When she first sets sail on the ocean, her boat may be a humble dinghy or a Sunfish sailboat. Small and unsure, she is waiting for the first connection with another.

It could happen many different ways, but that connection, once made, could determine how she views herself inside that new relationship.

Unless she remembers the secret.

Her first real relationship with a boy could be like riding in a speed boat…the feeling of exhilaration and speed could wipe away any thoughts of common sense or safety.

Or it could be like a sailboat, moving in sync with the wind and the waves…peaceful, calm and serene.

But what if it is like the Titanic…glittering and seductive but a tragic end is ensured, whether the participants know it or not.

What is a Mom to do?

My imagination runs wild with the possibilities…drugs, sex, STD, drugs, sex.  I cannot listen to those fears though, because I know that her future is hers to determine. All I can do is to pray, ask for guidance and help her through the good times and bad.

Because in the end, it is not what happens to her as she moves on the ocean, it’s what she learns from the experience and how she integrates those lessons into her self-image.

And that is the Secret.

She is still and will always be a child of God, loved and adored.

She cannot lose her relationship with God. She can only ignore it or forget that it is there.

God is the most patient partner, always waiting for you to acknowledge him.  He set you forth on the ocean of relationships to discover who you are and who you are not.

And to learn that in the end, no matter what happened while you were adrift, that you can always come home to a safe harbor.

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