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Miracle Tokens

Miracle Income

Recently, my husband, daughter (14 at the time) and I spent a week in New York City. None of us had ever been to the Big Apple and we were excited and slightly intimidated. After several days, we could ride the subway and actually make it to our planned stop, we could cross the streets without getting run over and we were experienced survivors of cab rides.

One afternoon, while riding the subway on the way back to our hotel, a moment occurred that was completely unexpected. When we stepped into the car, there were several seats open, but not three together. My husband and our daughter sat across from a young couple in their mid-20’s, who were whispering and holding hands. I took the seat next to them and watched the drama unfold.

The girl began patting her pockets, as if she were searching for something. She kept glancing up at our daughter then continued her search. She finally found it – a pen, which she used to scribble a note on a scrap of paper that she tore off the corner of the paper bag on her lap. What was so urgent that she had to write it down?

We got off at the next stop and as we were walking toward the stairs to go up to the street level, my daughter tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and she gave me a slip of paper, a puzzled look covering her face. Apparently, as we left the subway car, the girl had slipped it to her. It was the scrap of paper!

We huddled in the middle of the walkway, drawing dirty looks from other people trying to maneuver around us. In the midst of the external turmoil around us, we formed a calm oasis, eager to discover what was written by a stranger who felt compelled to share this message. It was so simple, yet so profound…that it took my breath away.

God loves you. Love him back by how you treat others.

The effect of that young woman’s sharing an uplifting truth was immediate. We smiled at each other, somehow joined in the message. Her generosity stayed with me, and spurred me to create Miracle Tokens.

Miracle Tokens

Touch someone’s life by sharing the Universal currency – Miracle Tokens. They are bits of inspiration, advice and wisdom that can be printed as many times as you like and given to as many people as you want. Think of them as “spiritual currency” that you give away with no expectation of anything in return.

Provide your name and valid email address, and I will share two Miracle Tokens a week with you. When you receive my email, you will be sent a pdf that contains the Miracle Tokens. Download them, email or tweet them, even post on FaceBook if you are so inclined. You can also print the Miracle Tokens, cut them out, fold them in half and give one…to the next person you see in public…leave one with your tip at a restaurant…give it to a stranger at a bus stop. The possibilities are only limited by the generosity of your spirit and your imagination.

And that is the key to an abundant life – give what you can, whenever you can. The balance of your “spiritual bank account” will increase proportionally. And your life will turn into a miracle, because your perception has changed about yourself and your place in the world. Give and you will receive so much more in return.

Leave the rest to God. You never know when that brief contact might spark a desire to learn more about the laws of the Universe and how to live a life of miracles.

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