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Dr. Sue Denk is trained as a clinical psychologist and for many years, had her own private practice. But something changed when she received her first angelic message.

She realized that she has a strong connection to angels and she has agreed to be their voice on earth. Dr. Sue now calls herself a “Spirit-Guided Transformational Psychologist” and teaches others how to listen for angelic messages.

The new economy is spiritual energy and love is the new currency.

Dr. Sue is also one of the celebrated authors in The Inner Circle Chronicles (Amazon), a compilation of stories from women who believe in the new economy of spiritual energy. The currency in this economy is…LOVE.

Dr. Sue’s advice to her patients (and the Heart Dancing Tribe) to follow be still and listen. When you are going through a tough time, use the Challis technique – a blend of meditation and visualization that will help free you from pain and suffering.

This is a rare and fascinating interview with a wise and wonderful woman.

Heart Dancing – it’s the only way to live!




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