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We have a lot of black turkey vultures in our area and two of them have chosen the top of our chimney to rest. At first, I was slightly alarmed to see these huge, black birds sitting on top of our home, but when they cleaned up after a squirrel who chose the wrong time to cross the street, the integral role that vultures play in nature became graphically real.

Watching these birds soar on invisible wind currents, slightly adjusting their wings to maintain their altitude, is an amazing sight.  And it got me thinking about how I could navigate life’s currents and eddies the same way.

Do I go with the flow and allow things to happen, or do I try to control everything and muck it up in the process?

For most of my life, control was my main password.  If I was determined enough, focused enough and strong enough, I would get what I wanted.  If it didn’t happen, then the fault lay with me, not with anything else.

This kind of thinking led me into all sorts of traps – despair, frustration and pain.  Although I learned from my experiences, I did not learn the most valuable lesson of all.

To breat

he and allow, just as a bird soars on the currents and still reaches its destination.

Following this new way of being, my life feels so much freer and less constrained.  I still set my goals and visualize how it will feel to reach them.  What I don’t do is try to control the “how” of what materializes – that is not my job.  When I allow God or the Universe to supply the “how” it always turns out much better than I could have ever imagined.

So next time you see a hawk or vulture soaring effortlessly, apply that to your own life and see what happens.  I promise that your spirits will be lifted as you reach your dreams!

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