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We may have reached the end of the video course Journey to Genius, but this is only the beginning for you. You have now discovered the difference between living as a human (and what that state creates) and living as a being, expressing yourself as human. You also learned that the limiting beliefs and stories you tell yourself act as a filter to all that is possible for you. When you run into a limiting belief, you now know how to release it so the energy of the Universe flows through you.  That is genius.

You are here to express that genius in your own unique way.

You are the means that genius is revealed in the physical, tangible world.

No one can do it for you. And you can’t do it for anyone else.

The secret to keep this energy flowing is gratitude. When you are grateful, you accept what has happened, releasing any judgment on your actions or others. Gratitude opens your heart to the present moment, allowing you to transcend your limiting beliefs and breath into the Now. Gratitude is what keeps the flywheel of your heart spinning effortlessly.

You are not in control of the energy; instead, you allow the energy to flow through you, guiding your intentions and actions. The end result is peace, bliss and happiness.It’s called Heart Dancing for a reason!

Journey to Genius – Week 4 is all about flowing with Universal energy. Your life changes as you allow this to happen inside each moment. Please take a few minutes to watch, listen and breath deeply.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.


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