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Welcome to Week 2 of the Journey to Genius! Today I share my thoughts on the Cycle of Creation. And the differences between creating as a human first versus creating as a being who is also human. Be sure to scroll down below the video to read your homework assignment! (If you missed Week 1 – no worries. Just click here.).

Creation as a Human

Cycle of Creation - Human
As a human, you assign meaning to everything and fit it into your overall mind map of your place in the world. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s how we are designed to shift through the trillions of bits of data that constantly bombards us in every moment.  The problems start when you give a limiting meaning to a person, event or situation that turn on yourself. The result is that you begin to play small.  And what you create from that small, lonely, separate place is not going to be pretty.

Since you are creating as a human, you naturally want to control the outcome of your efforts. You set expectations, goals and performance standards that define the success of your creation. When those are not met, judgment of yourself, your abilities and your self worth come crashing down, crushing you.

Creation as a Being (who is also Human)

Cycle of Creation - Human
As a being, you are not attached to anything that comes into your awareness. You know that you are perfectly whole, loved and united with a force that is greater than you. You actually have a relationship with this greater force and rely on it for guidance and direction. You know that your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner landscape. When something triggers you, it’s time to go inside and move through it so you return to your clear, peaceful space.

This is the space where your genius lives! When you start from your genius and move outward, your creations are imbued with universal energy that is perceptible by others. Why?  It’s so simple that you wonder why you never realized it before. When you allow the greater energy to become part of your creations, the physical result will hold that same energy!

Homework Assignment

As you move through this week, notice when you run into a limiting belief. For example, when you feel irritated at something or someone, that is a limiting belief. Pause, take a deep breath, then see if you can’t give it a name. Be sure to make a note about it in a notebook or in your phone.

By the end of the week, you will have a list of limiting beliefs. Write each one on a note card and place them in front of you. See if you can’t arrange each belief under a common theme or category. For example, you may have discovered a limiting belief about your appearance or weight. Or you may have noticed that you were triggered when someone criticized your work. The point is just to notice the patterns.

Next week, I will share a simple technique that will help you dissolve the limiting beliefs you found. When you realize that you created those beliefs and they are no longer true for you, your entire world will open up. And you will have touched your genius!

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

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