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Welcome to the Journey to Genius video series. The purpose of the series is to remind you of your natural genius — your innate ability to do something so well that others stand in amazement. That genius is yours to express, but first you have to connect and recognize it.

Week 1 is all about recognizing that you are a human being. You can live your life as a human (from your mind), as a being (from your heart), or from both. In every moment, with every breath you take, it is always your choice how you choose to express yourself to the world.

Your genius is seen in how you create from the two aspects of yourself…

as you express yourself to the world.

If this concept intrigues you, subscribe to the Journey to Genius Channel on YouTube. There is a new video every week for the next 4 weeks (or subscribe here and you will be notified of the next blog article and video link to the series).

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

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