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Jennifer Grace is a Hay House author, transformational coach, actress, screenwriter and producer. To say that she lives on the creative side of life is an understatement.

I first met Jennifer when I took her online course, Directing Your Destiny. The powerful tools and processes that I learned have changed my life. I feel so strongly that everyone should know this material that I became a Certified Directing Your Destiny Coach. (Heads up: my first class starts October 3rd!)

I wanted you to hear Jennifer as she describes her journey, her struggles and her triumphs. She has been in the trenches and lifted herself up with many of the same tools that she shares in Directing Your Destiny.

Jennifer was gracious enough to appear on Heart Dancing Radio. This special interview provides a glimpse of her passion, determination and motivation to serve others.

Please join us in this very enlightening conversation.


It’s just another step in the Heart Dance!

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