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This morning, I was talking on the phone with a close friend about my latest adventure (Heart Dancing Radio). I could hear the fear behind my words and knew that she would pick up on it. I tried to mask it with the usual social phrases, but I had no doubt that she would go straight to the heart of my confusion.

It didn’t take long.

“What are you afraid of?” she asked gently.

I had been asking myself that question all morning, but when she mirrored my own doubt, it suddenly became clear.


I waited for the encouraging words…the pep talk…the “don’t focus on failure but success” advice. It never came. Instead, she asked another question that rocked my world.

“Are you willing to be unique in a world of conformity?”

It was as if time stopped. The mind chatter that usually pounded in my head froze and all was silent, waiting for my answer.

Was I willing to be unique? To step out of my carefully constructed persona and into my deepest truths? If I shared those truths and didn’t receive the accolades or “success” I craved, would I be a failure?

The answer to all of these questions lay before me, glistening in the sun, like a compass pointing to the path less traveled. I smiled to myself, turned toward the smaller, single path that could only be seen where the compass lay. The rest of the path was obscured and blurry, but it didn’t matter. I had found my direction and knew that whatever happened to me on the path of uniqueness, it was impossible to fail.

I laughed at this insight and actually felt the fear disappear from my body and my mind. A deep breath opened my heart and I danced with “the one that brought me.” After several minutes of celebration, I returned to the conversation.

“I just realized something,” I declared to my friend. “When I am standing in my uniqueness, I can’t fail!”

She laughed and with love, joy and acceptance, acknowledged my decision.

“Well done!”

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