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We are meant to live a life of happiness, fulfillment, joy and love. But our stories about who-we-are-in-relation-to-that get in the way and taint our view.

I love to use the example of someone in your life who embodies unconditional love. Who never judges or criticizes, never holds a grudge. Who is that?

It’s your dog. Dogs see from who they are – Love. We can learn a lot from them about how to live in the present moment, what to do when something upsets you and how to quickly return to our true nature.

That is why I created the Drop the Leash Mini-class. Seven short audio lessons that explore these topics and so much more. Just click on the link above to hear the first lesson.

Learn life lessons from a dog.

Learn life lessons from a dog.

If this information leaves you hungry for more, please go buy the book:  

and join the Facebook page: DroptheLeashPack.

Let’s all raise our own vibration – and add to the collective awareness.

Go hug your dog – you have him to thank!



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