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Infinite Possibilities Virtual e-Course

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The Universe is Conspiring on Your Behalf!

“We make our own realities, our own fate, and our own luck! That is how powerful we are, and that is how powerful YOU are.” – Mike Dooley, New York Times Bestselling Author

If someone told you the truth about life, reality, and the powers you possess, would you recognize it as the truth? If someone offered you the keys to the kingdom of your wildest dreams, would you accept them? If you hesitate, you may have accepted society’s messages of limitation, lack and unworthiness.

As Mike Dooley is so fond of saying, “You are INFINITE and POWERFUL, fun loving gladiators of the Universe. Adventurers just being human, with eternity before us,and the power of our thoughts to help shape it.”

The Book that Changed Everything

Now is the best time to discover the truth about who you are and all that you can be. Mike Dooley first shared this information as an audio program that became a book…that touched so many people that it hit the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. That book is called “Infinite Possibilities,” and now, this amazing material is available to you online as a virtual course!

Kathryn-Eriksen02You may be wondering who I am. My name is Kathryn Eriksen and I followed a traditional path of college, graduate school, career…and reached a point when I asked, “What is it all for?” That is when I discovered the life-changing Infinite Possibilities concepts…and it changed my life. It opened my eyes to my power to create my own life.

Once I realized that I was the creator and that my creations are supported by the Universe, I never looked back. Because this information is so powerful and empowering, I felt compelled to teach it to others.


Learning the Thoughts Become Things Hand Gesture

Learning the Thoughts Become Things Hand Gesture

It was not until Mike Dooley started his program for Certified Trainers of Infinite Possibilities that I knew how to share this information. I became a Certified Trainer and began teaching small groups. But that was too slow for my vision to reach as many people as possible, so they could seize control of their lives. That is the reason why I created the virtual or ecourse called Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Joyful Living.

To reach more people than in small group meetings or teleseminars. To allow you to explore these concepts on your own over a six week period and experience for yourself the transformative power of the simple phrase, “Thoughts become things.”

Throughout the course, I will remind you of the following principles:

  • How powerful you are as a creator
  • How far you can reach, and
  • How much you deserve.

Blood, sweat and tears ARE NOT what it takes to see your dreams come true. Imagination, belief and expectation are what’s needed. Then you’re drawn into action, circumstances and “coincidences” that make dream manifestation inevitable. This isn’t wishful thinking: it’s the way things are in time and space.

You don’t need more education, more connections or more lucky breaks. You just need to understand the principles and concepts that every prophet and messiah has shared since the beginning of time. Principles that have nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the truth about who you are, why you’re here and the magic at your disposal. There is nothing you can’t do, nothing you can’t have and nothing you can’t be.


Your dreams are yours for a reason. You are the only one who can make them come true!

You have to do your part and with understanding, you will discover that NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY BE EASIER.

Thank you for reading this far – it is no accident. You were called here to wake up to your own Infinite Possibilities.

Please join me so that I may show you how effortlessly the art of living your dreams was meant to be.

Testimonials from people who enjoyed reading Infinite Possibilities and growing as a result of Mike Dooley’s teachings include the following:

“Dear Mom…WOW! He is truly incredible. I love how he just proposes ideas…He want you to decide for yourself what you ‘believe.’” ** “My spirit soars as I listen!” ** “My life has changed since the day I received IP…there are not enough words to thank you…”** “You helped me save my life, and I am most grateful.”** “The click that happens is like heaven.”** “I was blown away! I squealed with delight!” ** Ï just want to talk to EVERYONE about what I’m experiencing!” ** “Thank you for your profound contribution to my life.” ** “It’s opened a fabulous world to me!” ** “Your words have set me in motion!” ** “I burst into tears!” ** “I love the way you put it in such simple, easy to understand terms.”


Joining a virtual course means that you dictate when you move through the material. It is on your schedule and on your time. The cost for this material is minimal ($49) but the value in terms of potential personal growth is priceless. That being said, you will receive the course all at once, which allows you the flexibility of scheduling your own time to move through the material. It will be sent to the same email address you provide when you buy the course.

Each lesson contains the following:

  • Powerful information that will shift your perspective about yourself, your life and
    your ability to shape it.
  • Inspirational or humorous videos that add more poignancy to the message and
    strengthen the impact of the material.
  • Inspired “playwork” + transformational exercises to help you implement the lessons.
  • As part of your first lesson, you will be provided the link to the Infinite Possibilities Joyful Living FaceBook page, where you can post questions, interact with other students and make solid connections with others about your progress.
  • You also receive the Infinite Possibilities Workbook in a digital format. It is the glue
    that holds the lessons together, and it provides the roadmap for your journey to a
    better life.

The six lessons are delivered to your inbox immediately. They are designed to be absorbed at your own pace, but loosely over the span of six weeks. You will also receive reminder emails from me about once a week, that discuss the lessons from a different angle.

Here is how it breaks down:

Week 1: Welcome & Introduction

You catch a glimpse of what is to come and begin simple exercises to become more aware of your creative powers and thoughts. You will also receive the link to join the private FaceBook group to explore these ideas even further.

Week 2: Thoughts Become Things

The difference between fact and reality; how your thoughts shape your reality and how they can change to create your dreams. You will begin to see the connection between your thoughts and what has shown up in your life. Since you are the “thinker,” if you don’t like what you see, then you have the power to change it – by changing your thoughts.

Week 3: Beliefs Set Your Direction

How beliefs play a role in the creation of your life; how to detect and work with your beliefs to align them with your dreams. Beliefs are the lens through which you see outward. Your power to create beliefs is also your power to change them – and change your life.

Week 4: Emotions are the Fuel

Emotions are the byproduct, not the cause; emotions are life’s feedback system; you control your emotions – they do not control you unless you allow it. Once you get this principle, you will never allow emotions to control your behavior. Living deliberately is such a powerful place, and it is yours to claim.

Week 5: DO something!

Why it is so important to take action that is in alignment with your thoughts and beliefs; Actions make you available for Life’s magic. Think of a car – it has all of the potential to travel, but it won’t go anywhere unless it moves. And you are the catalyst to make things in your life move, by deliberately creating + action. Life’s magic is waiting for you to engage it.

Week 6: Dreams & Reality

Your dreams are the pipeline to Divine Intelligence; dreams are meant to be fulfilled; You are supported in your journey at all times. Remember, the Universe has a crush on you! A virtual course may seem impersonal, but it does have several advantages.

You work at your own pace, allowing time to absorb the information and start using it in your daily life.

If you do have questions, I am available by email ( Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Joyful Living Facebook Page is another avenue to ask me questions and interact with your fellow classmates.

Isn’t now the time to take your next step toward your greater self?

Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure!

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Infinite Possibilities Virtual e-Course

Value + Inspiration = Life Changing

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