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Mind chatter sounds like an innocent state of affairs, until your thoughts are so churned up, it feels as if Hurricane Harvey and Irma have just passed through your head. Mind chatter causes us to lose focus, become irritable and fly off at small things, all because we can’t stop thinking.

There is no need to define mind chatter – you know what it is. Nod your head if this sounds familiar:

  • you can’t get a song out of your head (hey – I didn’t say it had to be all words or thoughts);
  • you keep thinking about an incident that upset you, replaying it over and over; or
  • you lie in your bed at 2:00 a.m., because you are worried about something that hasn’t happened yet.

How do you interrupt mind chatter? Does it control you or do you control it? What steps can you take to move through it to find peace?

I know that my thoughts create my world. When I am down on myself or judgmental about my decisions, I do not create what I most desire. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to control mind chatter, which are always thoughts about the past or the future.

I can help you. Please join me in Master Your Mind, a free online class that gives you the tools and techniques to interrupt your mind chatter. 

Just think, you could have a restful sleep tonight, show up at work calm and confident and smile throughout your day. You have nothing to loose, just your mind chatter.

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