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Someone asked me the other day, “Why do you write?” The question was so out of context that it took me a moment to even assemble the words together in a coherent sentence to respond.

Why do I write?

For me, writing is like breathing. It comes naturally, flows easily and makes me smile when I allow something bigger than me to be expressed. It is my expression of the voice that only I can hear.

For me, when I allow the inspiration to flow through me, I discover amazing insights, wisdom and creative intelligence that does not belong to me. It comes from a source much bigger than me, but I become part of it when I write.

But why do I write?

After allowing that question to sit within me for several days, the answer appeared…magically.

I write because I exist.

Others paint or act or dance or sing.

I write.

It is the expression of Self – the creative vision of Who-I-Am.

What do you do that expresses your Self?

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