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When I come across an article that is so good I want to share it, I always look to see if the author has given permission. Fortunately, Lori Hamann is one of the people who is generous to a fault. She freely allows use of her articles, as long as she is acknowledged. To learn more about Lori, please scroll to the end of the blog entry. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter – it is wonderful!

How To Take Divine Inspired Action Get More Done, Be Happier, and Create With Your Highest Self By Lori Hamann

Ever notice how easy it is to get caught between your “emotional journey” and the “action journey” of your life?

It’s that teeter tottering back and forth between how you feel and what action you should take! Ohhh, we have all been there, and sometimes multiple times a day!

Sometimes… you can get caught between “what to do” and “how you are feeling” so much – that you end up doing nothing.

I know… nothing gets done, you feel uninspired, disconnected and a loss of creative control. If you are like me, you’ve been in that exact place – your life or your business stands still.

It’s life paralysis, eek!

On the flip side of that is flow. It’s when you are feeling so inspired, so connected, and whatever you touch seems to turn to gold. Creating feels easy, manifestations come easy, and life is good.

And here’s the recipe. Emotional alignment + inspiration + inspired action = flow.

What happens from this place? You are happier. You get more done. And you are creating and connecting with your highest self.

This is what it is about… it’s the journey back to who you truly are, to create from this place, and to be joyful!

So, here’s what happens… we get disconnected and forget where we were, or how we got there, and most often really want to get back. (This is a nice place to live.)

So with that said, today I want to offer you some quick tips…some remembrances rather, so you can stay fluid, open, and standing in the flow of your conscious creative power even when you are feeling pulled between your mind and your heart…. between your emotions and the actions you are taking.

Sound good? Here we go:

8 Remembrances Your Divine Inspired Self Wants You To Know!

Remembrance #1: Your mind is a tool. Use it as such! We tend to give too much power to the mind and the ego. Your ego has a purpose, but it’s not to run your life and all of your decisions.

Remembrance #2: Your heart, is master. When making decisions about your life, first check it out with your heart, and from this place check in with your mind regarding the scheduling of the details.

Remembrance #3: You are love, and it is through love that all things are created. If you wanted to, you could turn your attention within, and seek connection – right now.

Remembrance #4: When you are stuck it’s ok to be where you are at (really!) Meet yourself exactly where you are at, and intentionally use your mind, through your thought process, to ease yourself into a better thinking and feeling place. Finish this sentence… “Wouldn’t it be nice if….. “ or “I really like the idea of….. “

Remembrance #5: A thought is just a thought. That’s it…. I don’t know about you, but this remembrance gives you a whole lot of perspective over that which seems to control you. And the good news is, thoughts are just thoughts, and hold no true power over you unless you let them. So, what is your next thought going to be?

Remembrance #6: Energy in motion tends to stay in motion ~ so what small aligned action could you take that is in alignment with what your heart knows and wants?

Remembrance #7: Creation is about following your divine inspiration. Have you ever just known, beyond a shadow of a doubt “this” is the next stone to step upon? Were you ever so excited that wild horses couldn’t keep you from taking that action? That is divine inspired action!

Remembrance # 8: You get to ask!! You don’t have to wait for inspiration, or the feeling of inspired action… you can ask and intend for it!

So these are remembrances…. hold dear to these as you set out to connect to your inspiration, your clarity, and your divine sense of decision making — and make it from this place.  It’s not only a space you hold, but a space you become.  From this space, all things are possible 🙂
“Once you learn to align with the Energy of your Source you will discover that action is not a key ingredient to the fulfillment of your desires for abundance, success, joy or any other physical fulfillment. Line up your Energy and then follow the inspired
 action and you will live happily ever after.“ Abraham-Hicks

Lori Hamann is a mentor and life coach to conscious entrepreneurs and professionals, who she helps to create more prosperity and peace of mind in their lives and businesses.   She is the founder of Evolve Life Coaching and the Evolve Your Life Newsletter goes out to over 7,000 like minded subscribers.   You can sign up for a f.r.e.e subscription at  

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