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Heart Dancing Radio Show – The Art of Being Human


Heart Dancing is the process of unlearning the world’s messages and remembering who you really are – a spiritual being having a human experience.


When you are being human, that is you in the dance.


The Heart Dancing Mantra is: Let.Love.Lead.


Love knows the way – you just have to follow. Like a dance…

A Soul Adjustment

Do you know that your soul has a blueprint for your life? Have you ever even considered this question?

My guest on Heart Dancing this week has made it her life’s work to help entrepreneurs align their business purpose with their soul mission. Lisa Berkovitz is an intuitive coach and healer, who guides her clients deeper into self-mastery while holding space for them. Her goal is to help align spirituality with business, so that decisions are made exclusively from Soul wisdom. As Lisa describes her work, “I like to help my clients make their Soul their CEO and their mind their COO.”

lisa_6During our short time together, more wisdom and insight poured out of Lisa than I have heard in a long time. Join me and let me know if you don’t agree!

You can learn more about Lisa at She has a guided meditation available for immediate download that will help you discover your own soul wisdom.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance.




What is Your Dog Telling You That You Can’t Hear?

I have always been fascinated with the thought that animals communicate with us – we just don’t hear what they are saying. Animals don’t use our language, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to say.

Diana van Trijffel-PakMy guest on Heart Dancing Radio understands how to communicate with all sorts of animals – from domestic to wild. Diana van Trijffel-Pak discovered this ability from a dog she named Elvis, and she has turned it into a thriving business. People began flocking to her when their pet was not acting right, or when a new animal was introduced into the household. Diana especially enjoys bringing back messages from beloved pets who have passed on. The messages that she receives from the pet brings immeasurable comfort and relief felt by those left behind.

After hearing Diana explain what she hears from animals, how she helps her clients, and the amazing offer she has for Heart Dancing listeners, you will never look at your cat or dog the same way again.

Diana has a gift for you – 25% off a Pet consultation! Find out how to reach her inside the interview.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

The Good News Only

Is it possible to only listen to good news? I was skeptical until I had a great conversation with Tanya MacIntyre, a former broadcast journalist who stepped off that path after 22 years because the negativity was overwhelming her. She made the bold decision to start a different kind of news site — and founded The Good News Only.

Tanya MacIntyreWhat is The Good News Only? It is one place where you can find inspirational stories, great interviews and lots of resources that will motivate and captivate you.

Tanya certainly did both during our conversation. She is a master storyteller who captures the human essence of the situation while sharing a positive, uplifting message. Her story about the Swiss Air crash in 1998 highlights how the news is deliberately portrayed to encourage fear, doubt and anxiety. It was one of the turning points in her journey.

You will never look at mainstream news the same way again after listening to this interview!

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

From Despair to Happiness

From the depths of despair to the heights of happiness – sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Not for Linda Symonds, my guest this week on Heart Dancing Radio.

Linda SymondsLinda has quite a story to share about why she hit rock bottom and how she pulled herself up again. Along the way, she learned about Infinite Possibilities, affirmations and how to connect with her true self.

Now, when Linda looks back on her life, she describes her pit of despair as her greatest triumph.

Linda has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and love to share. You can find her at Be sure to sign up for her 5 Day Infinite Possibilities Challenge. It just could be the spark you need to propel you forward to find your happy place.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

Science and Spirituality – Can They Mix?

Science and spirituality have always had a conflicted relationship. Science speaks a different language and has looked down at the “woo-woo” side of spirituality for many years. But things are changing. Scientists now recognize that our inner world affects our bodies and our decisions. The objectivity of science has actually proven that we are so much more than can be measured, quantified or analyzed.Dr. Gary Keil

My guest this week actually blends the two perspectives into a holistic model of living.

And he can help you do the same.

Dr. Gary Keil is a scientist who also practices yoga and meditation. His background is unique: trained as a pharmacist, he is a natural teacher who is passionate about his work. As you listen to this episode, you will learn how your mind and body work together.

But Gary takes it one step further and also looks at the spiritual side of life. As he describes himself: “I am passionate about neuroscience, neuroplasticity, philosophy/theosophy/positive psychology, and mind-body practices like yoga and meditation.”

Sit at the feet of a master teacher and learn about how your body processes emotion, why we crave change but don’t want to give up the status quo, and how to change negative programming to live a fuller life.

To contact Gary, please send him an email to: Gary@GrowthLeaders He would love to hear from you.

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance. <3

Your Past Does Not Define You

Did you know that the foundation of your unconscious programming was set by the time you were 5 years old? As you grew up, that unconscious programming acted as a filter to your experience, establishing patterns of behavior that define who you are. Those same patterns could be running your life and you may not even realize it.selfesteemheadshot-150x150

If you had a traumatic childhood or past – does that mean you can never be happy?

My guest this week on Heart Dancing Radio answers those questions with a resounding “NO”! Renate Donnovan is a transformational leader who helps individuals create systemic change in their lives. A wise woman with too many certifications to count, Renate uses hypnosis, NLP and other processes to explore and release hidden blocks.

Your past is gone and it should not be allowed to pollute your present moment. If you find yourself obsessing over an event that still has you upset (even if it has been years), it may be time to process those emotions, learn the lessons embedded in the experience and let go of the rest.

That is exactly what Renate helps her clients do – reframe the past so they can live fully in the present.

Please join us as we discuss how Renate works with her clients. She also leads us in a goal visualization tool that is fast, easy and effective. These techniques are simple to perform, but can cause deep changes.

Renate is about to start her Free 30 day Possibility Challenge! Join Renate and others (including me) in this challenge – please visit

It’s just another step in the Heart Dance <3.

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