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Heart Dancing Book


With every breath and thought, you set in motion energy that will shift into a circumstance, form into a person or thing, or attract like energy.

Why not learn how to create deliberately…instead of unconsciously?

That question is answered in my latest book. Heart Dancing: A Story Alchemy Adventure is an unusual work of inspirational fiction that has motivated readers to look at their own stories of lack and limitation.

The characters are unlike any from other books I’ve read or even movies I’ve watched. I felt a deep connection to many of them and had a hard time putting this book down and turning out the light at night.

M. Spalding

I couldn’t put the book down. I was mesmerized and wanted to keep reading each page with the desire and hope transferred into my soul. It is a story of the divine; destiny and fate, love and compassion. My heart is dancing!


Ms. Eriksen, as the Story Alchemist…engages us to examine our own lives in search of meaning and greater fulfillment. I found myself not only cheering on the characters, but also renewed with the desire and techniques to live from the profound perspective of a dancing heart. Looking forward to the next book!

M. Rocci

Heart Dancing is a story about the power of transformation and the unity of love. You will cheer on the characters as they move through their struggles, turmoil and pain, to the other side where they discover peace, joy and happiness.

Story Alchemy™ is introduced for the first time. Story Alchemy is a simple, 4 step process that takes you through your limiting stories and shows you another way to see – with love instead of fear. You learn how to stop listening to the messages of your mind and start dancing to the music of your heart.

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The writing quality is fantastic and exceptional and I literally had to underline each and every phrase from this book for future references since thy are so highly enlightening. The narrative style is motivating as well as engaging enough to put the readers hooked on to the story till the very last page.

A. Saha

This book is amazing. You will get inspired to face each problems you have as a married couple, separated or single parents. I know that with God and our prayers, whatever problem you have has answers. You just need to open your hearts and your heart will dance from joy and enjoy life in a new beginning.

I highly recommend this book. Miracles do happen when you open your hearts.


Are you ready to step into the next grandest version of yourself?

Heart Dancing can show you the way back home.

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