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What do you do when someone gives you a compliment? Do you smile and accept it without adding any disparaging remarks about yourself? Or are you like me – thrilled on the inside to hear that someone on the outside thinks I am great, but playing the social game of diminished returns so I don’t look arrogant?

If you believe society wants us to play small, raise your hand.

If you are tired of playing small to make someone else look big, raise your other hand.

Now look up and tell me what you see – your hands raised, palms open and your body open.

That is your natural state of being!

To prove it, take about 15 minutes to watch this video about validation (copy and paste to your browser). It will make you smile, cry and smile. Then share this message with your world.

Moment to moment, live from that place of certainty and knowingness of your worth and value.  Say “no” to the things that keep you small and say “yes” to those things that cause you to grow, expand and be happy.

It is always your choice, in every moment. CHOOSE WELL!


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