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A slender stick of wood can be a wondrous experience in the hand of a creator.  Nothing of itself, it can transform a blank sheet of paper into a magical place, full of flowers and fairies.  Adventures and action, cars and crowds – anything is possible.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Sometimes the simplest of tools can become the most empowering.  My daughter recently discovered a latent talent for drawing faces.  She has filled page after page of eyes, some soft and loving, others hard and angry.  Mouths and lips fly off her pencil with the greatest of ease.  Noses have been a challenge, but she mastered even that elusive bit of anatomy after many attempts.  She has now graduated to putting all of these elements together – in a real face.  Along the way, she discovered a passion for the trip you take in your mind and heart when you are in the moment, creating.

All because she picked up a pencil and began to draw.

Sometimes, I imagine God as He was creating the world.  I wonder if He debated between using blue or green for the sky or ocean.  When you look at a peacock’s tail in full display, the vibrant colors are breathtaking.  Or a rose petal that is so delicate, you can see through its opacity into another world.  Loving thought went into each of the smallest details of these physical objects.

How much loving thought went into your creation?

You were born from a creative source. You are here to create your own experience and to live in the contrasts of life.  God is the Great Creator; God made you in His likeness; therefore, you are a creator too.

How open are you to creative impulses?  Do you listen to their nudge when they tap you on the shoulder, or do you turn away because you are “too busy”?  Take some time today and rediscover your creative side – God is there, waiting for you with open arms.

And remember, a pencil in the hands of a Creator is a mighty tool!

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