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Ever wonder why we sign our names to things?  What does your signature represent?  An agreement or consent, usually.  But a signature can also denote pride of creation – such as the signature that is on every Mercedes Benz automobile.  Every painting made by an artist is signed – it must be the need to stamp our identity on what we just brought forth into the physical world.

God is no different – He has stamped his name on    everything that surrounds us.  His signature is imprinted on each translucent leaf that radiates the colors of fall or the vibrancy of spring; His stamp is part of the liquid notes of a songbird, rejoicing as the sun peeks over the horizon at the start of a new day.

God has autographed everything He ever made – including you!

As that awesome truth sinks in, take a moment and close your eyes, breathing deeply.  Then when you are centered and your mind is calm, try the following simple technique.  It will reveal a basic truth about you that can lead you to discover deeper insights that lead to a joyful and abundant life.  Ready?

Please point to yourself.

Where did you point – to your head or your heart?  Most people who respond to this prompt point to their chest or their heart, not their head.  The reason why is that when you get your mind out of the way, you know where your true self resides in your body.  In your heart.

And guess where God has written his autograph that says, “Created with love by God”?   In your heart.

Live knowing that the Glorious, Creator-of-All loved you enough to design and create you. His signature is on your heart, because you belong to Him.

You are no accident.  You are a beloved child of God – live like it!

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