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Have you ever felt stuck in your job or career and didn’t know what to do? Imagine being inside a career and feeling like it was meant for someone else, not you.

Sara Ann Aerts is a shining example of someone who started on one path, then chose to step off to fulfill her true calling.

It’s the Be Alive Revolution.

Sara Ann’s passion and love for her work comes through the airwaves loud and clear. Especially when you hear her describe her journey from becoming an F.B.I. agent, creating a successful career and then leaving it to start the Be Alive Revolution.

It’s mind blowing. Pure and simple.

Sara Ann also has offered a very special bonus to Heart Dancersa free 60 minute session with her! She will take you through her process to create a Positive Daily Affirmation, then email you the final affirmation for your use. This offer is only open until August 16, 2016, so please contact Sara Ann through her website,

Let’s all Be Alive!

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