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Connie Kean

Connie Kean

Energy Healing is based on Eastern philosophy and techniques. It is unformed and not measurable, which flies directly in the face of Western medicine. The core foundation of both medical models are based on different beliefs, that give rise to a different philosophy, that generate words and action. The two different models appear to be so diametrically opposed that nothing could bring them together.

Until a miracle happens. A Course in Miracles defines a “miracle” as a change in perception. When a change in perception happens that a physician cannot explain, that is the opening for a shift in beliefs to occur.

Connie Kean has a very personal story to tell about miracles, energy healing and the Western medical model. This is an extraordinary conversation about healing, belief in a higher source and love.

Please enjoy this episode with an open heart and mind. Toward the end, Connie explains how you might experience your own medical miracle. When you understand that everything is energy, and that we are eternal spiritual beings manifested in a body, what happened to Connie begins to make sense.

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It’s just another step in the Heart Dance. 🙂

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