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Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered, “How can you be so happy all the time?” 

That inquiry lead me to put down my thoughts, organize them, and have my favorite canine character answer the question, “Why are dogs so happy?”

The result is an ebook called Drop the Leash: Let Go of the Past and Love in the Present.  It is available for a limited time at 1/2 price.

Here is what one person said about Drop the Leash:

This book will quickly become a standard ‘training manual’ in many circles…I have already begun flipping my view of the world through the many new ‘dogmas’ presented, the ‘Doglow’s Hierarchy of Connection’ and many other creative parts of this book.

Gary Keil, PhD, RPh
Founding Member/Director Growth Leaders Network

Please help me spread the word about this book. It changes lives and might just be what you or a loved one needs to read to take them from darkness into light. By sharing this book, you automatically become a “DTLer” on a crusade to live from your heart.

You will never look at your dog the same again!

It’s another step in the Heart Dance <3

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