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Today is the 4th of July, the day the United States celebrates its independence from England.

Why not declare your emotional freedom at the same time?

You are probably asking, “How do I do that?” I have a simple technique that takes minutes a day but has impactful results on your emotions.


When you realize that your thoughts are like clouds passing across the sky, you begin to step into your authenticity. No longer do past resentments, grievances or pain control your reactions to the present moment.

Meditation is associated with woo-woo spirituality, but it has been proven to calm Veterans, law enforcement and even stressed out people in large corporations. It is a practical, use tool to train your mind to accept the present moment. When your mind is not judging, criticizing you or others, or comparing you to someone else, you can respond thoughtfully to whatever is before you. Peacefulness and love become your new normal and you step off the emotional roller coaster.

I would invite you to visit my Products page to explore the meditations that I created based on the Heart Dancing principles.  When you begin to step away from your thoughts and emotions, you can begin to live life from an authentic place — your heart. 

Won’t you join me in the Heart Dance? <3

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