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What is it about nature that instantly connects us to the Source and Creator of All?

That question popped into my mind during a recent trip to the mountains. After the business of getting to our destination was finished, the groceries unloaded and bags unpacked, there was nothing else to do but sit on the front porch and just be.

For the first time, I heard the symphony of nature. The high rustle of the aspen leaves dancing in the sun. The birds talking to each to other as the wind enveloped the entire scene with a blanket of sound unlike anything I had ever heard.

It started off low and distant, unseen but definitely heard. The tops of the pine trees on the next ridge began to sway and then it rolled over the hills and valleys until it reached my tiny, minuscule ears. Just like ocean waves that crash on the shore, only to recede back into their source, the wind in the mountains is part of the same eternal dance of giving and receiving.

I call it the “Dance With the Divine.”

I forget to dance when I am so caught up in man-made ideas, concepts and things that my mind is cluttered with the so-called essentials of modern life. My ability to stop and listen to nature seems to dim amid all of the noise of living in a city – traffic and cars, the ding of another text message or email or just the sound of people talking.

Too long emeshed in that unnatural world, and I forget to tend to my inner world. Judgment, criticism of myself and others become the dominant sign posts that guide my joyless life. Logic and reasoning are the fuel toward goals that are at once transitory and illusionary in their substance. I loose touch with my essence and become someone who feels foreign and alien. My ability to flow with events is stymied by my focus on “what is popular” or “how to fit in.”

Until I return to my true nature of giving and receiving.

But it is not just my outer nature to which I must tend – my inner world is most in need of attention. The giving and receiving also pertains to my relationship with God.

We were created in His image and likeness. Perhaps that is why when I look at what God has made – the jewel toned hummingbird, exquisitely cloaked in brilliant colors, or the majesty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, or just the simple beauty of the wind in the trees – I instantly connect to God.

And I recognize that He was there all along, patiently waiting for me to accept His invitation to dance. As I learn and relearn the same lesson over and over, I realize that I am the one who turns away or does not listen. He is always there, hand extended in an open inviation for me to let Him lead. All I have to do is accept and follow.

And my dance with the Divine can begin again.

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